Does having a pet make you sexier?

Does having a pet make you sexier?

Different studies have concluded that walking with a dog is an excellent instrument to attract all kinds of looks. It is said that a can makes someone who accompanies him more sexy in the eyes of others.

A recent study on the sexy and the pet

Recently we contacted more than one thousand two hundred single dog owners, mostly women, who were associated with a page of contacts and appointments, in order to complete a questionnaire about how their pets included in their romantic dates and in the search for a partner

The results were convincing: 35% of women and 26% of men said they would be more attracted to a person who had a dog. In this way, can is understood as a good instrument for many people, when meeting new people or making an appointment. This circumstance is not new, since dogs have often been used as "social tools", especially in the case of men.

A greater attraction. Race matters

Following the study women are less likely to want a date with men who do not like pets; however, men who are nice to dogs are more interesting.

Another consequence of the study is that not all dog breeds originate the same power of attraction. It is curious to discover that, as far as men are concerned, the bigger the dog, the more power of seduction.

The men who participated in the study claimed not to be attracted to women who accompanied very small dogs, believing that the owners of Pug breeds are the most faithful, successful and intelligent, and that the owners of a Chihuahua are the sexiest and most attractive.

For women, the owners of Boxer dogs are those that seem, in general, more attractive. Other interesting facts reveal that men who have a Pug are the most faithful, although the least sexy. Meanwhile, owners of boxer dogs are smart, successful and sexy, but less faithful. Terrier dog owners are considered intelligent and loyal, but unattractive.

Personality data

These surveys and studies provide us information about the personality of the human. It can cause men or women to behave in a way that invites or discourages the dog from approaching. This was confirmed by noting that the more important it was for the human to spend time with their pet, the greater the time they both stayed very close to each other.

These are the reasons that justify that the favorite pet of women are cats (and cats prefer women), and that men prefer dogs (and dogs to men). But it also fits the relationship the other way around.

The dog, as we know, will not only affect our character and way of being, but also having a dog for a pet will serve us as escape route to combat stress and anxiety, because if we spend time with him and go for a walk and play, we will be able to alleviate tensions as if it were a sports activity to use.

Dogs, therefore, help us to stay active and dynamic, but also to achieve a better character and animation.

Socialize with a dog

Author: Wagner Cezar

All men should know that they are more sensual and attractive in the company of a dog. Another study concluded that pet owners are actually perceived as both potential partners and more attractive than those who do not own pets.

The researchers discovered that 35 percent of women and 26 percent of men surveyed said they felt "more attracted to someone just for having a pet." Taking into account the 733 women participants, 500 of them answered that the dog is the sexiest pet a man can have.

These studies confirm the benefits of taking a walk with our pet. Not only to be more sexy in the eyes of others, but mainly to get a good socialization and an interrelation with the people around us.

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