Do you know the spectacular Bullmastiff?

Do you know the spectacular Bullmastiff?

The Bullmastiff It is a large but intelligent dog that knows how to measure its strength and that never attacks to hurt. He is an excellent watchdog and if a stranger tries to enter the house he keeps, this dog would know how to reduce him without having to bite him. Therefore, this race is an example of self-control and intelligence.

In addition, these dogs have a patient and resilient character, which makes it an excellent companion for children and that keeps a very good relationship with people. Moreover, this dog can become the private bodyguard of children and the whole family, since it does not follow a single person, but the whole family equally. He does not get angry easily and almost never barks. When it does it is because something important is happening.

Where does the Bullmastiff come from?

The Bullmastiff is a dog of English origin that comes from a cross between Mastiff and Bulldog. His first appearances date from the nineteenth century, although they were not recognized as a race until 1924. In Spain we know of the appearance of the so-called "bull dogs" in 1800, and thanks to engravings by Goya and other authors, you can see the similarity of these dogs with the Bullmastiff.

This race was very appreciated for his courage and was used as a guard dog of private residences. The mission of this dog was dissuasive and left the raiders out of combat without using their teeth. In addition, these animals were responsible for caring for children when adults went hunting.

What does the Bullmastiff look like?

The Bullmastiff is an animal with a wide and deep chest and powerful back. Its head is square and has the ears in V, a darker color than the mantle. The nose is broad and medium and is covered by a black mask that extends to and around the eyes, which are also dark. His hair is short and the color can range from a brown sand to a red liver. In addition, it can be both uniform and tabby.

An adult male can measure between 63.5 and 68.5 cm (at the withers) and weigh between 49.5 and 59.5 kg. A female can weigh 41 to 49.5 kg and measure between 61 and 66 cm.

What is the character of the Bullmastiff?

According to the breeders of this breed "the Bullmastiff is one of the best and most balanced dogs that exist". In fact, they are very tolerant and it is not a cause for concern that they are left alone with the little ones in the house. He only becomes aggressive with another male dog if he thinks they are invading his territory.

The Bullmastiff is elegant, noble and very obedient. In addition, he obeys all the people of the house equally because he needs affection and affection to feel valued. It is a dog that gives itself to the family and creates very strong bonds with it. Also, although it is convenient to reside in a large house with a garden, you can easily adapt to life in an apartment, although you should go out to do a lot of daily exercise. It is essential that Exercise is very controlled during the critical stage of growth (up to 16 months males and 10 females) to avoid muscle and bone problems in adults. For the same reason, it is convenient to avoid overweight in the puppy.

It is a big and good-natured dog that does not need special care. Of course, you should take him to the vet at least twice a year, brush him 3 times a week, bathe him at least once every two weeks with a neutral shampoo and feed him well.

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