Discover a beautiful Venezuelan song with which every dog ​​lover will identify

Discover a beautiful Venezuelan song with which every dog ​​lover will identify

My other half is the title of a song composed and performed by Tisuby, a Venezuelan artist. While it seems a romantic theme and inspiring a person, in reality the lyrics are dedicated to the dogs. Therefore, surely anyone who declares himself a lover of dogs will feel identified with this work.

A song that will understand very well a dog lover

Everything is understood more if you watch the video of My other half. There, the protagonist is Ingo, one of the four adopted dogs of Tisuby. The little animal is a great actor and it looks great fulfilling its role perfectly.

"It seemed as if he knew what he had to do and as if he enjoyed every moment of the recording. Ingo is very intuitive, "said the artist in relation to his hairy and his participation in the video.

"We did it with a lot of love and in honor of all the dogs in the world that deserve the best for being so full of love and peace," said the singer.

An artist passionate about music and animals

Source: TISUBY's Facebook

Tisuby was born in Venezuela, but has lived in Puerto Rico for more than a decade, along with her husband Gabriel Calero and her four hairy men: Ingo, Sabrina, Puss and Manchita.

His two great passions in life, he says, are music and animals. Now he seems to have joined them with his creation dedicated to dogs.

Since she was very little she started composing songs. After integrating the successful duo "Tisuby y Georgina", he launched his solo career, precisely, with My other half.

In this work, the artist incorporates a typical instrument of her country, the four, which gives a special sonority to the work.

Whoever feels like a dog lover will surely identify with a song that the Venezuelan artist Tisuby dedicates to the hairy ones. Is called My other half and here we present it to you.

The other half of Tisuby

When your eyes look at me /the time stops and the sun shines brighter. / If it is night or day, it does not matter. / With you everything is special ", Begins the theme with which Tisuby seems to love everyone who declares himself a lover of dogs.

"And is that if I am by your side / I feel that I have found my other half (…) Because you make, that the world seems easier / that the sun and the moon embrace / that wants to run to give you / mi heart because only you make / of my life a work of art ", continues the artist.

To top it off: "You make me want to run, hug you, and kiss you / and my heart give you / sin fear that you can break it. / Even if you can break it.”

And you do you think? Do you identify with this song? Does it perfectly represent what you feel for your four-legged friend?

Dogs, inspirers of great songs

Source: TISUBY's Facebook

The truth is that artists of all times have dedicated some of their creations to dogs in general or to their furry ones in particular. We remember only some of them:

  • Malasangre, by Joan Manuel Serrat
  • Street, by Alberto Cortéz
  • Old King (Old King), by Neil Young
  • I love my dog (I love my dog), by Cat Stevens
  • Martha, mand dear (Martha, my dear), by Paul McCartney
  • My dog ​​and me (My dog ​​and me), by John Hiatt
  • Old Shep, (something like Old Pastor), by Red Foley, played by Elvis Presley
  • Broken tail, from Gepe
  • Sometimes I do not mind (Sometimes I do not care), from Suicide Machines

Surely many topics are missing from the list. OR maybe, the song that fully represents what you feel for your hairy was not yet composed. Inspire yourself and write something to your great friend, the one who can no more than the joy he feels every time he sees you.

Source photos: Facebook of Tisuby

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