Cat Cymric, with long hair and without tail

Cat Cymric, with long hair and without tail

A Manx but with long hair. This is the Cymric cat. And this means? That we are before a pussycat lacking tail or with a very small. And with a lovely looking stuffed ball.

The race was developed in the 60s of the last century in Canada and USA, from the Manx kittens that every so often were born with long hair in some litters.

Notably the absence of tail that these animals present is due to a spontaneous genetic mutation. In any case, the breeders – Leslie Falteisek, from the United States, and Blair Wright, from Canada – took care that this feature, added to the long coat, would end up constituting the Cymric cat breed.

Recall that the Manx pussycat, without tail and short hair, come from the Isle of Man, located between England and Ireland. The name Cymric, on the other hand, derives from the word Wales in Celtic language.

We present the Cymric cat, a sociable and intelligent pussycat that stands out for its total (or partial) lack of tail and its long double-layered coat.

Other physical characteristics of the Cymric cat

In addition to the total or partial lack of tail and long hair, the Cymric cat has the following characteristics:

  • Average size
  • Weight: between three and five kilograms
  • Contexture: solid and strong, plump appearance
  • Colors: varied (solid, bicoloured, shaded, calico and tortoiseshell)
  • Coat: bright and smooth, with a very thick sublayer
  • Head: round, with pronounced cheeks
  • Eyes: large and round, and of color according to the hair
  • Ears: medium and widely spaced from each other; They are wide at the base and narrow towards the tips, which are rounded
  • Legs: the rear ones are somewhat longer than the front ones

Regarding the tail, it remains to specify that there are three varieties of Cymric. The Rumpy totally lacks it and presents a hole in its base. The Stumpy, on the other hand, has only some vertebrae of it. And the Longy It has a tail a little shorter than a common cat. However, some specimens are born with whole tails.

A very sociable pussycat

It is a sociable and friendly cat. It works very well with all the members of the family and even with strangers. Neither presents problems of coexistence with other pets, and it is appreciated that it is not a great meowing.

We are before a loving, friendly, quiet pussycat and who loves to play with their owners. He is usually very dependent on his humans, and is that he can follow them throughout the house, as if he were a dog. And he loves spending time with them.

The Cymric is a smart and curious pussycat, who also loves to run, jump and have fun. So you will feel happy if you can count on a garden or patio properly conditioned to prevent it from escaping.

Care required by the Cymric cat

Like the Manx, it is a cat that is usually very healthy. It has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. Anyway, the absence of tail can lead to suffering from spina bifida, a congenital disorder that prevents the vertebrae of the spinal cord from closing and that causes different problems.

In relation to the specific care that the race requires, To keep your hair in good condition it is necessary to brush it at least once a week.

Further, As they often lose a lot of hair, they should pay attention to the formation of trichobezoars in their digestive system. In any case, the veterinarian will advise how to prevent and treat this problem.

The professional should also indicate the most appropriate feeding for each stage of the life of the pussycat, and the vaccination and deworming schedule you must follow.

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