Care of a stye in your pet

Care of a stye in your pet

The eyes of pets are exposed to various environmental pollutions. It is very common to diagnose swellings. Therefore, it is important to know the care of a stye in animals.

Some eye irritations do not cause complications for health. But they cause a lot of pain and itching. In addition to a not very pleasant appearance.

It is the case of stye. Annoying for humans, and even worse for dogs. Knowing the simple care of a stye can greatly ease the discomfort of your pet.

What is it and what can the stye cause in dogs?

It is characterized by irritation and redness of the eye, accompanied by swelling in the eyelids. The lump usually formed near the eyelashes is known as stye.

The stye is a consequence of an infection caused mainly by bacteria of the genus Staphilococcus. Normally, they are mild and do not cause health complications.

The eyes are constantly exposed to the external environment, being very easy to get in contact with different microorganisms. Dirty environments and polluted cities favor the proliferation of bacteria.

What are the symptoms of stye in dogs?

The most obvious symptom is the pink lump that forms near the eyelashes. Swelling of the eye area and reddening of the white area of ​​the eye are also very visible.

It is common for stye to be accompanied by pain and discomfort. Dogs tend to get more restless and try to scratch frequently near the eye.

That is more dangerous than the stye itself. Why When scratching, the dog can cause wounds and spread the infection to the tissues. In more extreme cases, ulcers may appear in the eyes and proliferation of bacteria for other organs.

Because, when detecting one of the primary symptoms, it is indispensable to take the proper care of the stye, and observe the behavior of the pet.

How to treat the stye in your pet?

The best way to treat stye is attacking the cause of origin. That is: eliminating bacteria. For that, antibiotics are used. Normally, preference is given to ointments, since they are easier to apply in the affected area.

As it is a mild infection, The veterinarian can choose not to use antibiotics. Swelling and discomfort must be reduced while the body itself is responsible for eliminating bacteria.

In case of immunosuppressed animals, it is likely that the body can not fight the infection. The veterinarian will prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

Tips for treating stye

Keep your eyes sanitized

Cleaning is essential to prevent and combat the proliferation of bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the area of ​​the eyes very clean. It is recommended to clean with wet gauze in physiological saline or boricated water 3 to 4 times per day.

Drops of hydrogen peroxide can be applied to the eye. Oxygenated water kills a large amount of anaerobic bacteria and sterilizes the area. But you have to be careful with concentration. 2 to 3 drops a day, never again.

Sanitize the environment

The cleaning of the eyes should extend to the whole environment where the animal lives. A lot of eye mainly for water and food containers. But it is not advisable to use corrosive chemicals or with strong odor.

Chamomile infusion

Chamomile helps alleviate the discomfort, pain and restlessness of the dog. It is recommended to wet compresses or gauze and apply 10 to 15 minutes. It is not advisable to repeat more than 3 times a day.

The care of a stye: compresses with ice

Ice packs help to deflate the eye and soothe irritation. It is recommended to apply a compress 2 to 3 times a day for 5 to 10 minutes.

A compress before sleep can improve the quality of sleep. The stye usually bothers a lot when you close your eyes.

Avoid contact with the stye

It is not indicated to manipulate the stye. The hands and legs can carry a greater number of microorganisms to the affected area. As it is difficult to control the movements of an animal, it is recommended to place the protection collar.

It is even less prudent to exploit or break the bulge. In addition to painful, it can cause the proliferation of bacteria in the eyeball or in the bloodstream.

Strengthen the immune system

The immune system is capable of naturally fighting most conditions. But it is necessary to strengthen it daily. The most indicated and simple way is by providing a balanced diet and drinking hydration.

Periodic visits to the veterinarian are essential, in addition to vaccination and antiparasitic treatment. This is how best to apply the care of a sty in dogs.

Source of the main image: Andrés Landeau

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