Can you mistreat a dog unconsciously?

Can you mistreat a dog unconsciously?

Any pet owner wants his pet to be well cared for and to feel loved and part of the family. However, sometimes balance is often lost and a series of unnecessary care is provided "for the good of the pet". Is it possible that there are owners who can mistreat their dog unconsciously?

Yes, there are. When you think about your care and the good of the dog, many of the acts we carry out are based on myths or comments that we have heard from others and that we do not know how true they may be. Therefore we will talk about those care that more than doing good to the animal, it is a way of submerged mistreatment.

Mistreat a dog without knowing it

As we say, There are many acts that are done with all the good intentions of the world, letting ourselves be guided by the good advice of others, but in the end they do nothing but harm our pet. These are some of those affirmations.

The dog needs space

Because of this expression, many leave their dogs in gardens or terraces forbidding them access to the house. It is true that a dog needs space to play, to run, to jump and to be happy. Although, who knows happiness alone? Your hairy wants to play with you, with your children, to stand at your feet when it is cold and look for the coolest place in the house to get belly up when it is hot.

He wants your caresses, to listen to your laughter, to run towards the door when he sees you arrive. How will he do all that locked up? Yes, because even if your terrace or garden is an open space outdoors, the dog is locked, deprived of being able to relate to the people he loves. Do you understand that this is a form of abuse?

Small dogs do not need to go outside

Because they are so small, the house must seem enormous. Based on this, many owners of small dogs take just five or ten minutes once a day and sometimes not even that.

A dog, whatever its size, likes to run, jump and breathe fresh air. They do not just like it, they need it. They depend on you and what you are willing to give them, they will never ask you for more than that, but remember that if you leave a dog always at home, you are mistreating him.

Better not to approach other dogs

This expression is used in two different situations:

  • When the dog is aggressive. Better not to approach other dogs because if you bite them or attack them I will be in trouble. This is the excuse that many give, although it is true that a dog can be educated and controlled so that this does not happen. But of course, refusing to relate to others is the easiest thing to do.
  • Overprotection You can also want to prevent others from harming our animal and overprotect it by preventing it from mixing with dogs without realizing that because we are really hurting it is that way.

No matter what our excuse is, it is not valid. A dog needs to relate to others of its kind, must socialize to be a kind, friendly and happy furry. Denying that is like mistreating.

I'm going to cut her hair in summer

Thinking about our needs, we believe that dogs have the same and this is not entirely true. Furry hair does not need to be cut in summer to be "cooler" as many say. Your hair is your biggest insulator, both for the cold and for the heat.

Therefore, cut the necessary hair to your dog when necessary, forget the myths and just think about what is best for your pet. If you have any doubt, nobody better than a veterinarian to guide you.

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