Can cancer be prevented in dogs?

Can cancer be prevented in dogs?

Cancer is a disease that does not spare even our pets. However, as with us, there are things that can be done to prevent this deadly disease from attacking our best friends.

Seeing someone you want to get rid of little by little while death runs after him to take him away is one of the worst, if not the worst, experiences one could suffer in life.

Preventions against canine cancer

These are some of the things you can do to keep cancer from reaching your pet. Obviously, it is true that it can not always be avoided, but as the saying goes, "prevention is better than cure".

Avoid vaccines you do not need

Believe it or not, there are vaccines that can develop cancer. The University of Purdue was convinced of this, so he started some studies that proved it. He explained that some components they carry can cause problems for our pet's immune system.

Therefore, vaccinate your pet only if:

  • The vaccine is required by law
  • It is necessary to prevent threats
  • You have found out about the benefits and harms that it could bring to your pet and your veterinarian has given his approval for it

If your pet has just had an illness, talk to your veterinarian to see if the vaccination process could be delayed until the animal recovers. A vaccine slows down the auto immune system and the disease lowers the defenses. Both things together would make your dog an easy target for cancer.

Castrate your dog when the time comes

Some types of cancer can be prevented if the dog is castrated. Remember the case of Angelina Jolie. She decided to amputate both breasts because several members of her family died of breast cancer.

Removing the cancer-prone area will keep you from having it. Therefore, because many dogs suffer cancer in their genital areas, castrate it when the veterinarian assures you that it is time, is one of the best preventions.

Beware of chemicals

The same university we talked about at the beginning showed that dogs that were exposed to chemicals for the treatment of the lawn are much more exposed and are much more likely to have cancer.

Specifically a carcinoma in your urinary tract. This applies to chemical treatments for fleas and ticks. Remember that there are home remedies and organic products, which could be more expensive, but could save the life of your hairy.

Take care of pollution in your home

Cleaning products with chemicals, sprays for mosquitoes, ants and others, and even smoking indoors could make your dog cancer.

Both chemicals and smoke can affect them in the same way that we do.

Help your dog to be healthy

They say that There is no better defense than a good offense. Keeping your dog healthy will help fight cancer. How can this be done? Through a marked routine of exercise and a proper diet.

Buy foods and goodies from leading brands will ensure that they are made of the best quality and that they do not carry unnecessary chemical components.

Avoid stress

Stress accelerates the work of the liver. An excessive work of this causes that it generates chemical substances in the organism that open the doors of the body to the cancer. This could cause tumors.

This is a hotly debated topic that has created a lot of controversy, but stress is not good for anyone, including your pet.

If you keep in mind these tips you can have a healthier and happier dog. We want to emphasize that following it does not ensure that cancer can be completely avoided, but there are many possibilities for it.

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