Animals with very large ears

Animals with very large ears

We have left aside the elephant because, although its ears are the largest in the animal kingdom, compared to its body are fairly well proportioned. In the following article we will dedicate ourselves to those animals with very large ears in relation to their head. They are very curious!

What are the animals with very large ears?

The ears not only serve to hear, but they can also have another task: to concentrate the heat during the cold nights of winter. Thus, some animals with very large ears survive in inhospitable places.

1. Fox fénec

Also known as desert fox, it is a carnivorous mammal indigenous to the Sahara and the Arabian peninsula. Its main characteristic is the large size of its ears, which serve as a cooling system for blood to withstand high temperatures.

The fénec – photo that opens this article-It is the smallest canid – it only measures 30 centimeters – and its fur is sandy colored. It has a long and woolly tail to cover when sleeping and maintain body heat. It is most active at night and feeds on reptiles, rodents, insects, birds and their eggs.

2. Long-eared gerbil

This is another of the animals with very large ears in relation to the rest of the body and that, in addition, has a long tail up to three times longer than the torso. It has long front and short hind legs, with which it jumps on the sand like a rabbit.

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The hair of the long-eared gerbil is light brown or grayish and lighter in the belly, and its ears are the same shade as the mantle. It lives in burrows dug in the sand during the day and leaves only at night. It can be found in the deserts of Gobi and Taklamakan, in China and Mongolia.

3. Long-eared bat

Its scientific name is Lonchorhina mankomara Y It is the bat with the biggest ears that has been found so far. While the whole family is orejuda, this little one 'wins' anyone. They measure more than your body!

This bat -which lives in the thick jungle of the Colombian Amazon-uses the ears with very colorful pavilions to geolocate and identify the waves that come from the outside, since your view is not too developed.

4. Mule deer

Also known as mule deer, it is another animal with very large ears in the world. Its name is due to the fact that these look like those of a mule. The males, in addition, present bifurcated antlers of great size that grow every year.

The mule deer has brown fur and a lighter belly, feeds on grass, tender leaves, shrubs and fruits, and prefers forests and areas near the mountains of central and western North America. The males are solitary and mate through polygamy. The females come together in groups of up to 10 individuals.

5. Long tail hare

The also known as California hare is the last of the animals with very large ears from this list. Greyish body, both the tip of the tail and the ears -very developed- are black.

The long-tailed hare can measure 50 centimeters and its ears more than 14 … Some call it a hare-donkey! Lives in the desert highlands of Mexico and the United States, and feeds on vegetables, herbs, cactus and plants. Its main predators are the fox, the lynx, the coyote, the badger, the snake and the raptors.

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