An active, playful and docile cat: the Devon Rex

An active, playful and docile cat: the Devon Rex

This time we are going to talk about a very peculiar cat breed, we are referring to the Devon Rex, which is characterized, among other things, by its type of short coat, smooth and forming curls with ripples. They are usually quite docile and quiet cats, so they are ideal for families with children.

If you have decided to adopt a Devon Rex cat, it would be very interesting if you know its origin, in addition to the care they need, their characteristics and especially their behavior. So if you want to know this unique breed, we'll tell you next.

Origins of the Devon Rex

When we adopt a pet, we must inform ourselves of its origin, thus we will better understand its character, care and way of acting. In the case of the cat race Devon Rex, it has its origin in Devon, England, hence its name.

It was born from two common cats and although it was tried to mix with the Cornish Rex, this possibility was discarded, since pots of straight hair were born. Its real origin consists of a mutation of curly hair. The first Devon Rex cat was discovered in Devon in 1960, among a litter of wild kittens near an abandoned mine.

His physical appearance

We will start talking about the most characteristic of the Devon Rex, its physical appearance. They are medium-sized cats but muscular and elongated. If you look at your head, you will notice that it is cuneiform and small although the ears are somewhat large with respect to the head.

It has a characteristic curly hair and very soft, if you caress it you will notice that its touch is similar to peach skin. Their whiskers and eyebrows are also curly. Your eyes are also big and oval with a bright color.

Another typical characteristic of this feline race is that its legs have a slight arc with respect to the rest of the body, it is a very peculiar form in the form of "O".

The Devon Rex can present different colors and its tail is usually elongated and thin. Although the physical aspect resembles the Cornish Rex, the Devon comes from a different gene, which was discovered 10 years later.


As for the behavior of Devon Rex, we are talking about a race very playful, active but also very docile, so it is perfect to live as a family, especially children will be happy to have a playmate. They are also very affectionate and they will love that you desmimos.

He is not a lonely cat, so he will appreciate having more feline companions, although they also love contact with human beings, although some precautions must be taken, since they can become dependent on their owners.

With the Devon Rex there will be no problem if there is a physical change, such as a move or a trip, since they will adapt perfectly, but they prefer to live in interior spaces.

The care of the Devon Rex

The Devon Rex does not need special care, since they are not cats that release a lot of hair, when the time comes when they renew it, it will be enough Brush them a little and remove their dead hair and they will also keep it shiny.

Baths are recommended from time to time with a specific soap, in this way we will prevent them from accumulating excess fat.

Your physical condition and health

They are usually pretty strong cats and very jovial, They are also characterized because they are not sick, but on the contrary, they usually enjoy good health. Although you have to pay special attention to your ears.

It is convenient that check the Devon Rex's ears in a periodic way, since they tend to accumulate cerumen. So you will have to clean them often and you can use a special product to clean them. Although sometimes the problem is such, you have to supply them with a specific product so that the secretion is normalized.

But what a Devon Rex cat will thank you most, are your attention and friendship, since they are cats that love physical contact with humans. Do not hesitate to play with him and caress him, he will thank you and you too

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