American Cocker Spaniel, a faithful friend

American Cocker Spaniel, a faithful friend

The American Cocker Spaniel is one of the most popular dogs as a pet for its beauty and good character. Know in this article why so many people choose this breed as a companion dog. We review the characteristics and character of these beautiful dogs.

Origins of the race

The American breed comes from English dogs, the Cocker Spaniels that arrived in the 19th century to the North American continent. By the middle of the last century, the American race had already differentiated enough from its English ancestors as to be officially known. Since then, there are two variants that share many characteristics in common.

This breed of dogs was used for hunting in its origins and they became popular in obtaining birds. It is surprising how quickly the American variant separated from the English originals, largely due to the reception among the American owners. This is an example of how in a few decades you can differentiate one breed of dog from another.

Features of the American Cocker Spaniel

The American Cocker Spaniel has a rounded head with a short snout, abundant and very curly hair. Its legs are straight, muscular and strong. They have a strong torso and an elegant and imposing posture at the same time. This strong appearance contrasts with its docility and the softness of its fur; They are very cuddly dogs.

For its part, the English cocker spaniel has less amount of hair, is thinner, and his head is more elongated. In addition, the snout of the English cocker is a little larger. Of course, both races have as an identity sign those elongated and fallen ears with abundant hair.

The American cocker spaniel measures between 34 and 36 cm. It weighs between 8 and 10 kilos in mature age. Its neck is long and has no visible chin. It is a dog full of fur with a uniform color and some whitish spots on areas of the chest and face.

These long-eared dogs have very uniform features. They are recognized at first sight by those pompous ears so characteristic. The colors that we can find in the specimens of the American Cocker Spaniel are the following:

  • They can be only uniform black or with bursts of fire color on the spines. Sometimes, they may have white on the neck or legs.
  • Colors other than black are possible but very uniform. These can range from tan color to fire red.
  • They have bicolor or tricolor fur. Some specimens of various colors can be seen, among which one of them is always white.
  • They may have fire-colored spots. These can pass in the full range of colors and will not occupy more than 10% of the body of the animal. They can occur in the tail, over the eyes or legs.


As in the case of all dogs, fidelity and loyalty are its most outstanding qualities. There are many other very nice features in this dog that make it an ideal companion for any family. They are perfectly compatible with children of all ages, as they are very cuddly.

  • Very sociable dogs. The American Cocker Spaniel is a very sociable dog and not at all shy, so you will not need to teach him to socialize as a child as in the case of other dogs, since they will do it by themselves.
  • They are very playful dogs. This characteristic makes the American cocker a tender friend and with whom he wants to be. He always wants to play and to give you the best of his pampering.
  • Dogs very calm and docile. They alternate playful and quiet moments. Although they need daily exercise, it will not need to be very intense.

If you are looking for a friend for life, who will be a faithful companion and will accompany you wherever you go, the cocker is one of the best alternatives that you can take into account. They are very faithful animals and companions until the end. Also, you will not have to work hard on your education, since they accept the instructions without discussing or lift the leg.

Special cares

His hair is one of the parts of his body that requires more care, because its thickness and shape is very tangled.You will need a daily brushing in addition to monthly cuts to remove the annoying knots that despite the brushing will be formed. It is recommended to keep the hair in good condition to avoid them.

Delicate ears

Their fallen ears make different bacteria can hide in them, so it is advisable to clean them often and have them trimmed the hair from the sides. Cleaning is essential to prevent ear infections. You should take your pet to the vet regularly to prevent complications in these sensitive areas.

Your eyes also tend to be a focus of different diseases, so it is suggested to do annual exams to rule out any incidence. The main eye diseases known in this breed are: cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy and glaucoma. The eyes of these dogs can also suffer from infections if they are not cleaned properly. Simple cleaning care is sufficient.

Stomach Delicacy

The cocker's stomach, as a rule, is also usually delicate, so we recommend that you feed it with a first quality feed and that you avoid giving other types of food that have not been previously authorized by a veterinarian. This way you will avoid the problems in the stomach of your pet acquires very easily.

Check the feeding changes with a professional to ensure fewer visits to the veterinarian for stomach discomfort. Throughout your life, you will change food to provide adequate nutrition. Although it seems that they are very delicate dogs, once you get used to those routine care is not something that consumes much time.

After all, you were not going to have a dog if you were not going to take care of it, right? His pleasant character and his fidelity will make him a wonderful friend with whom you will like to share the rest of your life. This retribution from your pet will more than compensate you for the dedication you give him throughout your life.

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