All about the training of the German braco

All about the training of the German braco

Because of their innate desire to be a leader, large dogs need special training to teach them how to take their place in the home and how to be submissive. to those who rule, that is, the members of the family. We give you some advice on the training of the German braco, in case you have or are thinking about having one.

How to carry out the training of the German braco

This dog is characterized for being noble, obedient and intelligent, besides that he loves to please his owner and make everything easier in the coexistence. Thanks to all these characteristics, training the German braco will not be difficult. Although of course, you know that we always tell you that patience, perseverance and affection are essential to achieve good results.

Teach her basic commands

In addition to all the previously mentioned characteristics, the German braco is also a very nervous dog due to the inexhaustible energy that it seems to have. It can be very restless and naughty and even make trivia because of its large size.

To control this behavior, there is nothing like teaching basic commands such as sitting, lying, standing still, etc. In this way, when it is slightly altered, you can stop it at the voice of one of these commands. With his great intelligence it sure does not take too long to learn to obey.

Control your hunter side

The German braco carries in the genes the instinct of hunting, and if you really are not going to use it for that, you will have to stop that instinct. If you do not, your dog will surprise you with gifts like dead animals that you find in the street or in your garden, something a little unpleasant for you.

One of the ways you can do it is with toys that keep you entertained, like the Kong type, in which food is introduced in order for the animal to find it. It sounds easy, but it is not.

Of course we do not mean by this that you have to annul your hunting instinct, much less, since this is part of your personality and this could even be considered animal abuse. We only mean that you give him other occupations so he does not think much about it.


The German braco also needs large doses of exercise to channel its energy and, of course, to preserve the health of your bones and joints. Long walks, swimming or running are some of the best sports that a German braco could practice.

Control barking

If there is something negative that characterizes this race, it is the constant and unnecessary barking. If you want this to not be a problem for you or your neighbors, in case you have them, you will have to learn to control them.

This it is achieved by teaching the dog two commands, one to bark and the other to shut up. Normally, most people use a short word like 'talk' or 'bark' to emit the bark and 'silence' or 'shut up' to stop.

The belt

One of the main problems with large dogs is that they seem to be the ones to take us out for a walk instead of the other way around. So that this does not happen, you must take the necessary measures to teach your dog not to pull the leash.

This will be a step that may require more patience on your part, because it is not a simple teaching, but if you are persevering you will achieve it.


The German braco is a big and strong dog, and he knows it, so he may have a tendency to show himself as a leader before other dogs and other people. To avoid this type of behavior it is necessary that from puppy you get used to socialize with other congeners and other people.

Check with your veterinarian what is the appropriate age for the puppy to go to the park with other dogs and, of course, do not take it until you have the appropriate vaccines.

Some people are frightened by the idea of ​​having a big dog because of the adverse behavior they might have, but do not hesitate, the German breed is an ideal breed to have as a pet. You just need to train it the right way.

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