9 tips to bathe your cat

9 tips to bathe your cat

Pussies are famous for several things. For example, to be very clean. And those who have a cat at home know well all the time they spend aculating. But they are also known for not wanting to know anything with water. This issue can be a problem if you have to bathe your cat. We leave you some tips to make this circumstance as traumatic as possible for you and also for your pet.

Is it necessary to bathe the kittens?

The specialists do not finish to agree in relation to the necessity or not of the bath in the cats. And while it is true that they seem to be enough and to spare themselves to be impeccable, situations can arise in which it is necessary to bathe them. For example:

  • They come back very dirty from a break in the neighborhood (mud or different types of garbage stuck in their fur).
  • If they entered in contact with toxic substances that put them in danger if they lick.
  • When they need some treatment for dermatological problems.

Even though the ideal would be to accustom the bathroom from small to our friends who meowIt is never late when the intention is good. So arm yourself with patience and get to work, that the only battles that are lost are those that are abandoned.

Bathe your cat can be a difficult mission but not impossible. We tell you some tips to try to bring the situation to fruition. Maybe your intention is not your first intention. But with patience and affection you will surely get your pussycat to get used to water and shampoo.

Steps to follow to (try) to bathe your cat

Bathing your cat can be a mission It is hard but not impossible. The idea is, then, that you cause as little stress as possible. And that you do not leave with too many scratches or nibbles of experience, of course. So:

  1. Before putting your kitten in the water, make sure you have all the necessary elements for your toilet (Specific shampoo for cats, towels, etc.). Once you start with the delicate task of bathing your cat, it will be practically impossible to go looking for something else.
  2. Choose a moment when your furry purr is calm. Or play a good time with him so that he gets tired and does not put up much resistance when it comes to saying "jack to the water!"
  3. Do not forget to brush it well before wetting it. This will more easily remove all dead hair or some knot you may have.
  4. If you can count on the help of someone else, who is trusted by your pussycat, it will be great. While the other person holds it, you bathe it. Or vice versa.

More recommendations to bathe your pussycat

Everything is OK until now? The key moment is coming to convince your pussycat to enter the water. Do not despair If the animal notices your nerves, nothing good will you get. Let's continue:

  • Whichever place you choose to bathe your cat (bathtub, sink, container, etc.) put some non-slip element in the base so that the animal does not slip and fill it with a few centimeters of warm water.
  • Close doors and windows welll place to prevent the pussycat, if you get too scared, try to escape. Do not allow other pets to enter while you bathe your cat.
  • Go little by little getting used to your pussy to the situation. You can include some toys in the water to get their attention, for example. If you see that things get out of control, do not force it. Try another time. In case it is necessary to bathe it urgently, because your health is at risk, try to clean it with a damp cloth. Or turn to the vet.
  • If you can put it in the tub or container chosen to bathe it, wet it from the neck down and gently soak it. Rinse it well. If your head and face are not very dirty, you can wash them with a damp cloth. While the operation lasts, talk to him calmly and smoothly.
  • Dry it with warm towels and put it near some source of heat. If you accept the hair dryer, you can use it. But do not add another source of stress. If you get scared by the noise, turn it off immediately.
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