7 mythological animals and their 'powers'

7 mythological animals and their 'powers'

The dragon, the phoenix and centaur are just some of the best-known mythological animals… But there are many more! In this article we will tell you about several of them and, of course, what are their main powers.

What are mythological animals?

As the name itself indicates, they are beings related to fauna and that appear within the myths and legends of different peoples or cultures. Each one of them has one or several own powers and characteristics that distinguish them from common animals. Among them we can highlight:

1. Dragon

They are winged reptiles -like the one in the photo that opens this article- and the most powerful mythological beings that exist or have ever been spoken of. They are present in the legends of Asia, Europe, America and Oceania, and one of its main characteristics is that they spit fire and can fly.

Inside the dragons There are several species, For example, him Shenlong (causing rain and drought), the Sirrush (considered as very intelligent and therefore feared by men) and Moo-Kuna (sociable, with the ability to change shape).

The cult of the dragon in China is such that it can be seen in monuments, works of art, decorative objects, typical costumes, shields and coins.

2. Phoenix

This animal is used a lot when a person can get through despite the obstacles. The phoenix, which 'rises from the ashes', has its origins in Egypt and,According to the legend, every 500 years could be reborn after the purification that fire granted.

When it was time for him to die, he made a nest and put a single egg, which he hatched for three days. After that time burned, the bird burned completely and resurfaced from the egg itself.

3. Manticore

Similar to the Egyptian sphinx, This mythological animal has the body of a lion, the head of a man, the wings of a dragon or bat, and the tail of a scorpion or dragon. It is an imposing beast very popular in European legends and, apparently, lived in ancient Persia.

It is another of the most powerful people in popular culture and a lover of human eating, after shooting poisonous thorns. During the Middle Ages it was used as a symbol of tyranny, envy, oppression and the incarnation of all evil.

4. Pegasus

This winged horse is another of the best-known mythological animals; it was used by Zeus – God of heaven and earth – and was born of the blood of Medusa after being beheaded.

According to the representation it can be white or black, It has two wings, and while it is in the air it moves its legs as if it were actually running or galloping. In the world of cinema appears in the films Hercules (cartoon) and Fury of Titans.

5. Tap

This creature It is 'composed' of two animals: the lower part is that of a lion with yellow fur, long tail and muscular legs; the upper part belongs to an eagle giant golden feathers, powerful claws and sharp beak.

According to the myths it is stronger than a big cat, and emerged in the Near East (Babylon, Persia and Assyria), although it is also present in Greek legends: the god Apollo used taps as guardians of his treasures.

6. Faun

This character from Roman mythology – known as Pan in the Greek – is an animal with ram's legs, man's body and goat's horns. He was a great hunter and lived in the woods and plains.

He was worshiped as the god of the field and the shepherds, and as a prophetic divinity. In several regions of Italy there are still monuments and statues in honor of Fauno.

7. Minotaur

Finally, in this list we find a being formed by the body of a man and the head of a bull, which He was locked in a labyrinth on the island of Crete and received seven men and seven women as food each year. Theseus was commissioned to enter the place and annihilate the beast after an arduous fight.

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