7 dog breeds you'll love

7 dog breeds you'll love

Since always the lovers of the furry ones have wanted dogs of race, because they have been the most appreciated for their beauty and their elegance. However, this has changed, as more and more people want mixed dogs. But, What if we could have an animal mixed with two breeds of dogs?

That would be great! And besides, it is already possible. We are going to introduce you to the mixed dogs, with two dads with pedigrees but of very different breeds that have created really fun and beautiful specimens.

The breeds of strange dogs that will fall in love with you

It is possible that these breeds of dogs will soon be recognized as such and then acquired as a breed specimen with pedigree. Even if it were not like that, we can already enjoy them and enjoy the view with their images.

As they are not yet recognized breeds, We are going to invent a name for each of them merging the names of both races. So it will be much more fun! You can try through the invented name to discover what two races it is about before reading the description. You dare?


This peculiar animal is a mix between a Dalmatian dog and a corgie.

The corgie is a characteristic dog because of its excessively short legs and large pointed ears. In addition, his hair is strong and leafy. And the Dalmatian, well, we all know its characteristics.

Now, imagine a dog that does not reach you mid-calf but with Dalmatian spots on its hair and large pointed ears. That is the dalmagie.


A strange mix between Husky and French Poodle.

The husky is a dog that we all know with gray and leafy hair and blue eyes. The french poodle, for those who do not know them, is the dog better known as poodle. Can you imagine that mixture?

Well, it's really adorable, it's like a puppy husky but with a longer head, although its amount of hair seems to have molded it to a rounded shape.


Can you imagine a corgie with tender eyes and completely white color? Or can you imagine a poodle with big pointy ears?

An adorable animal that will delight all those who see it.


There are those who do not like sausage dogs is their face. What if we could change it to a chihuahua? A chihuahua with the body of a Dachshund is much more elegant and strong than with its flimsy little body.

On the other hand, the elegance of the head of a chihuahua in the body of a dachshund make it one of the most peculiar and beautiful dog breeds. They say that there are tastes for everything …


Mixing two of the most adorable breeds on the planet can not give a less adorable result. Can you imagine a husky full of hair in which you could even hide?

How about a chow chow with gray or earth colors and blue eyes? When you see it, you can not believe it's not a stuffed animal.

If you want to awaken the amazement of your friends, we can not think of a more peculiar and pretty dog ​​breeds than this one.


Do you love golden retrievers but do not have space for one in your small apartment? Do not worry! Now you can have a small one.

Yes, and that is the result of mixing a dachshund with a golden retriever. How did the act itself happen? We do not know. What we do know is that it exists and that you can have a golden the size of a dachshund. Or a dachshund with a lot of hair … depending on how you look at it.


We do not know if you could have guessed which two breeds of dogs were mixed here. Although if you thought it was weird to think of a husky and a pit bull, you are not misguided.

Those two breeds of dogs are precisely the ones that mixed to make this funny animal come out. Size and face of pitbull, snout and color of husky hair, blue eyes. Can you think of something more strange and adorable at the same time?

These are some of the most fun and charming dog breeds we've wanted you to know. We hope you liked it and that if you know any more, share it with us.

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