5 smartest animals

5 smartest animals

It is said that human beings are the most intelligent animals in the world, but in this case we refer to other species that have demonstrated a great ability to overcome obstacles, live in groups or use tools.

Which are the most intelligent animals?

Within this group we can find primates, cetaceans, birds and even invertebrates, They are characterized by their cognitive abilities, the size of their brain or the ability to solve certain problems. Would you like to know which are the smartest animals? Then keep reading!

1. Chimpanzee

It is the animal closest to humans and its intellectual development is the second highest in the world (after us). You can use tools to provide yourself with food or build a shelter, collect food in groups, make signs or use sophisticated language to communicate, remove parasites from each other – lice – and remember things learned in the past.

The chimpanzee – picture that opens this article – can relate objects with meanings, combine symbols in a sequence and transmit complex ideas to their congeners.

2. Dolphin

This friendly and sociable cetacean is also one of the most intelligent animals. It can form communities not only with those of the same species, but also to associate with other marine mammals, with the aim of protecting themselves and getting better food.

In addition, the dolphin has the ability to solve several problems or adverse situations, use sophisticated language to communicate, use sounds to meet their relatives and even have sex beyond reproduction.

3. Raven

It is related to darkness, death and certain macabre legends, although the crow is a bird highlighted by other issues, including its intelligence. Among his abilities we can highlight that it has specific means of communication according to the situation, has a large memory, and forms very durable and strong social bonds.

The raven has one of the largest brains among birds, can imitate sounds and has a great power of intuition. You can 'order' other animals that work for them: call the wolves or coyotes and take them to where there is carrion to be responsible for opening the body and then be able to access the feast. He is also known for his ability to steal and hide bright or flashy objects.

4. Pig

Besides being one of the most intelligent animals, it is also one of the species that best adapt to any situation. The pig it is organized in complex social structures, and at three weeks of age it can already interact and play with other individuals, as well as developing very strong social or emotional ties with some members.

These mammals, both domestic and wild, survive in many peaks and ecosystems, can search for buried food several meters deep and eat anything they see in their path.

5. Octopus

Those who remember the 'octopus Paul' giving accurate predictions about the world can say it was a trick of television, but the fact is that the octopods are one of the smartest animals that exist.

Using their arms they can investigate spaces, recognize and even feel different textures. Also, remember where there is better food based on their experiences, because they have a very good memory.

Different scientific studies have been carried out, in which the octopus has shown It has a high neurological development and a great capacity for learning. You can also unclog glass jars, blend with the environment and adapt to the environment where you live.

The list of intelligent animals is completed with the elephant, the orangutan, the squirrel and the carrier pigeon.

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