5 reasons why your dog deserves quality walks

5 reasons why your dog deserves quality walks

There are few owners who are content to take their dog five minutes three times a day to relieve themselves. This is not enough for the animal, and not only for the time, but for the ride itself. Your dog needs quality walks and we will tell you how you can give them.

The most common mistakes when walking our dogs

Before analyzing why dogs need quality walks and how to give them, let's see what are the most common mistakes we make when walking with them:

  • Do not let him smell. It can give us a bit of disgust that sniffs everything you see on the street: garbage, feces or pee, but this is an innate instinct that has, in addition to its way of communicating with other congeners.
  • Pull the strap. If the animal is pulling on the leash it is because it wants to go somewhere. But you had not left home for him to walk and enjoy? Well, let him do it!
  • Do not let it be with other dogs. When we do not know the dogs that are in the street, it is normal for us to be reluctant to let ours get closer, but your animal needs to relate to others of its kind.

Why dogs need quality walks

Quality walks do much more than allow our pet to do its little things on the street. They have to be an incentive to have a happy dog. These are some of the reasons why your dog deserves them:

  • It will help strengthen joints and muscles. When we allow our animal to walk and run, this will make your body in general enjoy better health.
  • It will allow you to give free rein to your instincts. When our dog enjoys quality walks, he can communicate with other dogs and carry out other instincts he has innate.
  • It will eliminate stress. If your animal spends a lot of time alone at home, because you have to work, you can accumulate stress caused due to separation anxiety and boredom. Quality walks will help you mitigate these problems.
  • Your bond narrows. The animals understand what you do for them, so when yours is aware of the effort you make to give them quality rides, they will thank you with their love, which in turn will make you more united.
  • It will be a happier animal. The animals that have supplied all their needs are happy animals, because nothing bothers them, such as stress, boredom or lack of exercise.

Having seen these benefits, sign up for quality walks with your dog! But, how should these be?

How are the quality walks

These are some points to keep in mind so that you give your dog quality rides:

  • Let him exercise the mind. Although the rides have to do with the body, they are the ideal moment to make some games that exercise the mind of your pet as well.
  • Let him socialize. Do not let the fear of a fight prevent you from being with other dogs or other people, because it will be very beneficial for him.
  • Give him his time to smell, investigate and mark territory.
  • Use a harness and strap that are comfortable and with which you can control it at the same time. We do not recommend extensibles.
  • Unleash it if there is an appropriate place to do it, and if you are properly educated to obey your orders.
  • Do not always walk through the same place. You already know that the olfactory capacity of dogs is one of their main forms of communication. Taking it to unknown places will allow you to fuel the tracking instinct.

You already know that having a pet is a responsibility and that it takes effort to have the well-being you need, but quality walks will also benefit you. You sign up?

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