10 reasons to adopt an adult cat

10 reasons to adopt an adult cat

When you decide to adopt a pet, most of the time we lean towards a puppy and we discard adult animals. We think they are prettier or that in this way we will educate them in our own way. But with the passage of time we realize that this is not the case.

In the case of cats there is much ignorance and adults are always rejected, but the character of a cat is not the result of our education, but rather it has to do with the race and with the character of the animal itself.

So from My animals, we're going to give you 10 reasons to adopt an adult cat and not a puppy.

1.- They do not destroy everything

Adult cats are no longer going to feel the need to destroy everything, how it happens to kittens. The puppies bite everything, because they are getting their teeth and also scratch all the furniture they find around them. In the case of adult cats, they will not do these things anymore, You will be more calm and will spend your time playing with you or resting.

2.- They are more grateful

Cats that end up in shelters or people who give away an adult cat do so not because the cat behaves badly, but because they have to move out of town or because the owner has died, etc. When you decide to adopt an adult cat that has been picked up from the street or has been abandoned, he will thank you, At first you will be scared, but you will see how they are more affectionate.

3.- You already know the character they have

An adult cat already has its trained character, so immediately you will know what it is and what you will find. It is true that we all love kittens and they seem very tender, but we run the risk that when they become adults, they have a character that we do not like.

4.- Personal hygiene

Adult cats spend more than half of their time in their personal grooming, They can be hours licking their hair. This does not happen with the kittens, since they spend all their time playing and destroying everything. Then there comes a moment that "yes or yes" you have to bathe the kitten, as it is full of things that drag on the floor.

5.- They make their needs in the sand tray

When you take your adult cat home and put his things, he right away you will use your tray sand to make your needs. You do not have to worry about teaching him, since he will do it alone. This does not happen with the kittens, which will cost you more than one displeasure to show them where they have to relieve themselves.

6.- They are great friends of the children

Cats are the best playmates for children. There are different breeds that are especially nannies, as they are quite patient and love games with children. This does not happen with the offspring, who can accidentally scratch or bite the child. Another issue is that children can grab the kitten and playing can hurt him, as it will be harder for him to escape. In the case of adult cats they can flee, defend themselves and even hide from a child who wants to catch them.

7.- You do not have to teach them

When a cat is already an adult has the lesson learned, he will know what he has to do without you teaching him anything. The owners of cats know that it is very difficult to teach them, since they usually do "what they want" and sometimes they feel frustrated. If you have little time to devote to educating a cat, it is preferable that you adopt an adult.

8.- You save time and energy

Having a small kitten takes up a lot of time and energy. If you work outside the home or You do not have much time to dedicate to your pet, it is better that you adopt an adult. Since they spend more hours sleeping, play less and almost do not cause damage. We already know that the little ones need more of our attention.

9.- Do not get in trouble

Kittens are always in trouble, that if they have eaten something that they should not, that if they have destroyed something to the neighbor, etc., something that can always have in suspense to the owner of the kitten. Adult cats have already gone through that stage with their previous owner, so now it will not touch you.

10.- When adopting an adult cat you do a charity work

The main reason why it is better to adopt an adult, is because the good that we do to him. People who decide to adopt a cat prefer it to be a puppy and adult cats are losing the opportunities to be adopted. So think that you could be your last chance to have a family.

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