10 causes that shorten the life of your dog

10 causes that shorten the life of your dog

There are many causes that shorten the lives of dogs. The age, the rhythm of life, the feeding or the one that may suffer from diseases are among one of the reasons.

Below we share some others, so you can ensure the health of your pet.

1. Age

The years do not come alone, say the grandparents, and the same thing happens with animals. Dogs can live up to 15 years, if they have a healthy life, with good nutrition, in a healthy environment and with a routine of exercises. But it is not everything.

The life of dogs, like that of humans, has an expiration date and in our little friends, as we mentioned, it can come when they are about 15 or 17 years old.

That is why it is very important to be clear that they are not eternal and to do everything possible to satisfy their needs.

2. Poor feeding

Author: Fernando Dall'Acqua

Food is the key to healthy development. If a dog eats nutritious and varied it is likely that its life cycle has higher quality and live longer.

If a dog does not eat a good quality feed or has a nutrient-rich diet, it is likely that his life will be shortened for many years.

The food that your pet will follow should be recommended by a specialist. In that sense, it is the veterinarian who should advise on what is the best diet for your pet, which will decree according to the age, breed and needs of the animal.

3. Little exercise

If a dog does not exercise his life can be shortened up to 5 years. Animals must discharge the energy they carry. In addition the exercise is supersaludable, since it improves your socialization and lengthens your life. Yes! Although you do not believe it, the same happens with humans.

Dogs need daily exercise routines. They should be programmed according to their needs. In many races, three daily departures is enough.

4. Poisons, chemicals, toxic

Dogs are usually very curious. Many times we call them, we look for them without stopping and we observe that perhaps they are putting their noses in an inappropriate place.

Usually, that happens when they are in an outdoor space. And if it is about gardens or parks … Be careful with the plants!

The chemicals that are used in gardens or for cleaning the home can affect the health of our pets. Dogs can ingest the poison and get intoxicated.

Therefore, if you have this type of product in your home try not to be within reach of your little friend. It is the best way you have to preserve your life.

5. Type of race

While there are many myths about it. Some professionals claim that some dog breeds are less long-lived than others. Large dog breeds, for example, they live less time than the small ones. Why?

Some theories explain that large dogs during their first years of life consume large amounts of energy and then, when they enter the stage of maturity, they become much more sedentary.

Some breeds that do not have much life expectancy are Newfoundland, San Bernardo, Great Dane, Great Swiss Boyero or English Mastiff, among many others.

6. Unfavorable context

The context, like the food, is key for a dog to develop in a healthy way. If a pet is raised in an unfavorable environment, their needs are not met and they are not given love, it is likely that their life will not be very long.

If you decide to have a pet it is very important that you assume a commitment with her.

Animals have their own needs and many times some owners are not up to the circumstances. In short, if you are going to bring a dog to your home, be responsible.

7. Accidents

Thousands of dogs die each year in domestic accidents or road accidents. In relation to the former, we refer above all to chemical poisonings.

As for the seconds, many times they happen because the dogs do not wear their leash or identification badge.

If you go for a walk with your dog You should always go with your leash. That way you avoid running, escape and cross the street.

The identification plate is very important if the animal escapes. If your dog has it on his neck, it is likely that whoever finds it can return it to him.

8. Animal abuse

Animal abuse is one of the many causes of animal deaths. Dogs are not the exception. In many countries this scourge is condemned and there are laws prohibiting abuse.

If you notice that an animal is being violated, make the complaint with the relevant agency and avoid the damage.

9. Not attending veterinary consultations

If you have a pet you should visit your veterinarian periodically. The best way to preserve the health of our little friends is with regular visits to your veterinarian.

Look for one of confidence, with which your animal feels comfortable and do not forget to comply with its schedule of vaccines and reviews.

10. Diseases

Diseases are perhaps one of the most obvious causes of death. Cancer, skin problems, trauma and many others can cause death.

Therefore, prevention and compliance with the vaccination and deworming calendar is essential.

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