10 breeds of dogs that eat the most

10 breeds of dogs that eat the most

Just like people, not all dogs are the same. Some are bigger, others smaller, some very hairy, others without so much hair. And like that difference in its characteristics, too There is a difference between which races eat more and which eat less.

If you still do not have a dog and you think about buying one, or if you already have one or more but want another, this information will help you decide. And is that the breeds of dogs that eat the most involve a greater expenditure of money than those that do not eat as much, and this is an expense that not everyone can afford.

Breeds of dogs that eat the most

The Great Dane

It sounds a bit ironic that it is one of the dog breeds that eat the most, because the immediate question would be: where do you put it? And is that despite its large size, this beautiful animal is slender and usually weighs not more than 62 kilos. However, the Great Dane will need an average of about 8 cups of food a day divided into two servings.

Saint Bernard

The large volume of this beautiful animal gives us an idea that it is within the list of dog breeds that eat the most. And is that If you have or want a San Bernardo you will have to have on hand 1 kilo of feed every day. Will not settle for less. Remember to do some kind of exercise with him.


Being a puppy, the amount will be between 700-850 grams in 2 daily doses depending on the exercise the dog does; but When you are an adult, you must calculate that you will have to have ready between 2 or 2.5 kilos of food every day


This hairy animal, similar to a lion, can weigh up to 80 kilos, so You will need about 2.5 kilos of food due to your agility and the daily exercise you will need to do.

Spanish Mastiff

This is different from the mastiff we talked about before, because his hair is longer and can weigh 100 kilos, so will need more or less about 3 kilos of food per day, because their work is energetic, because they are normally being used to keep the flocks.

English mastiff

This dog is muscular and strong and also loves to run, so will spend a large amount of energy that must be replaced with food. His weight, like the Spanish mastiff, will reach 100 kilos, so he will need a large amount of daily food as well.

Dogo from Tibet

One of the descendants of the wolves that is most noticed. In fact, if we saw it from afar, we would not be sure if it was a dog or a wolf.


This is very similar to the mastiffs, but with the thinness of the Great Dane. He does not reach much weight, but he eats a considerable amount of food.

Japanese Tosa

This was an educated dog for fighting. Despite not being as big as the Great Dane, it reaches a considerable weight of around 100 kilos. The lifestyle of their ancestors fighting in Japan has made them need a large amount of food, it is no longer known whether due to an inherited anxiety or because they really need it.


A very hairy dog ​​with great ease for swimming and who loves to walk on snow. This supposes a wear that will have to replace with a good feeding.


This dog of Hungarian origin that was trained to look after cattle, is now used as a very good companion animal. Its large size will also demand a good dose of food.

As you may have noticed, The dogs that eat the most are large dogs. Although food is something to keep in mind, you must remember that a large dog needs your space and a lot of attention and time for your care and walks. Take all this into account before acquiring one.

The amounts of food recommended here are only suggestions that may change depending on the quality of the feed and the animal's organism. We recommend that you consult your veterinarian for more safety.

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