Please allow time for the pictures to load, there are alot of pictures showing step by step instructions, so be patient!

If you have purchased a puppy from me and are within driving distance, you are ALWAYS welcome to call and come over for help with the ears and I will set and glue them for you. If you live too far away, I hope these instructions will give you a good guide to follow. Puppies ears often start flying up during their teething at 5 to 7 months old. This is the time to tend to tipping the ears. If you do not tip them and let them harden sticking straight up, it will most likely be too late to get a nice ear set after the pup is about 10 months old. Please email for any questions at .

I use Proclaim Super Bond Hair Glue in Clear (also comes in Black and Brown) This is a human product for people's hair extentions, and I feel that it is safer since it has been approved for use on humans.
You can find it at under "Grooming"

This should stay in for a week or two, perhaps you will need to add a little glue if it should start to come loose. If your puppy is in a growth stage watch every day that the ears are still in place, as the head grows and streatches, the glued ears might start to look out of place, if so, take down and re-glue into a proper tip. Every few weeks I take all the glue out and let the ears rest for 24 hours or so to see where they are and what they are doing. When you first take out the glue, they may look perfect, but 24 to 48 hours later you will see they might spring up, or sag down or what ever and then you will have a better idea of the progress you are making. For a show puppy I will glue ears from 7 weeks old until about 8 months old to get a perfect set. A pet puppy can get a nice tip in their ears over less time than this, just glue when needed.