Vista Dei The Storm Chaser NA,NAJ,1/3RN,CGC "Drifter"

On Friday July 14, 2006 Drifter finished his NA title running a 69 second standard course in only 36.12 seconds! I believe this earned him another first place ribbon, and special compliment from the judge too!
On Saturday May 27th at the GTOTC agility trial at Cheswick, Vista Dei The Storm Chaser NAJ,CGC "Drifter", obtained his first leg in 16" novice standard with a 40.26 run in a 61 second Standard Course Time and received a first place ribbon.

On Sunday May 28th, Drifter obtained his second leg in 16" novice standard with a 35.25 run in a 68 second Standard Course Time and another first place ribbon. Drifter's 35.25 run in the 68 SCT was 6 seconds faster that any one else in any jump height (including the 20 " Border Collies) in the 16" novice standard class for that event. I think that's very impressive !!!

On Feb 12, 2006 Drifter Earned his first agility leg in Novice Jumpers with Weaves and ran the course WAY under standard time!On March 25 and 26 he finished his NAJ Title(Novice Jumpers with Weaves) at the David Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh PA with 2 more First Place Ribbons!! We are so Proud of Drifter and his Owner/Handler Dave for their outstanding performances! Dennise was also at the shows working as a volunteer and proudly sporting her new T-shirt with Drifter and Spirit's agility pictures!

On May 2, 2005 at 6 months and 12 days of age Drifter earned his Canine Good Citizen Award (CGC), not with just a passing performance, but with a flawless one! Thanks goes out to his new owners Denise and Dave - I believe this is the first in a long line of titles for this outstanding "Little man".

Memorial Day weekend 2005 Drifter earned his first leg in Rally Novice with a second place score!

Here are some new pictures of Drifter taken Summer 2005, Drifter is a rather unique looking sheltie, he is a Color Headed White Sable Merle with one blue eye and one brown eye. His father is on our main page Gemstone Over the Top "Decker" a blue merle and his mother is UKC Champion Vista Dei Luvme Luvme Not "Daisy" a sable and white

Drifter's first birthday