MACH2 Vista Dei Luvme Like A Rock FX,AD "Regis"

Regis won a metal for his MXJ (Master Agility Jumpers) Title
Feb 24, 2007 in Dayton Ohio

Owned and Handled by Tim Manzewitsch - Regis finished his MACH 2 on Friday July 18, 2008 at the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Pittsburgh trial in Cheswick. He earned a 3rd place in Standard and a 1st place in JWW. Tim's wife Christy gives some interesting stats about this MACH: Regis earned the 20 QQs in 42 events, 12 fewer events than MACH 1. He also earned 10 QQs in his last 12 tries. To understand what a MACH title is.. Regis earned allllll these titles NA, NAJ,OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ, MXJ, MX and now has had 40 "double Q's" meaning 40 times he ran perfect runs under time in both the standard ring and the Jumpers with weaves ring. Even one little mistake or a fraction of a second off and the whole day doesn't count on either run, both runs must "Q" (qualify) in addition he must earn so many "speed points" earned by being seconds under course time, last I knew he was well over 2,500 speed points also. Congratuations to the whole Manzewitsch family for their commitment to Regis and Kiwi and taking them to the top of a difficult sport.. THANK YOU!! You make me so proud to be the breeder of these dogs and so greatful to have found them a wonderful home like yours!
Tim's mom took these action shots at the shows and Tim's wife Christy was also a great volunteer in the rings, running leashes and helping out through the day.

Before the big shows there is LOTS of at home practice..


Regis was always suited for the agility ring, here are some baby pictures of him trying out the equipment, or just being a little live-wire!

Could there be a herding title in Regis's future? Only time will tell!