Vista Dei Luvme Genevieve RN,NAJ,2/3NA,1/3NJP,CGC,TDI "Genni"

I have to share a funny story about Genni. When I go to dog shows I am always on the look out for nice quality shelties, then I make a point to meet their owners and find out what lines they are from, who the sire is etc incase I could incorporate their genes into our breeding program. I was at a show this year, and came out of the bathroom and saw the most stunning sheltie working at the warm up jump, just breath taking movement, nice expression, good size, great coat.. went to see the owner, and it was Shawn and I realized this wonderful sheltie was one of my own - Genni!! I couldn't have been more pleased!
Genni was one of the pups born in the Spring 2004 Litter, she lives in the Pittsburgh area with Shawn and his lovely family. Shawn and Genni compete in agility in the Pittsburgh area, if you see them at a trial, say "hi"!!

Genni had a great year in 2006 earning several titles and this nice collection of ribbons!

Genni's Show Record

*April 1, 2007 Genni qualified in Novice Perfered Jumpers with a Second Place ribbon for her first leg toward the NJP title. Shawn is really coming on with his handling skills, made some nice crosses and smooth moves that really demonstrated all the work he and Genni have done since last year. Way to go!!

*October 15, 2006 "Genni" finished her Rally Novice title today with a score of 94 out of a possible 100 points!!

*October 1, 2006 Genni earned her second leg in Rally Novice with a 94 point score (94 out of 100 points)

*Sept 17, 2006 Genni avoided a trap, stayed on course and they came away with not only a first place blue ribbon but also their FIRST AGILITY TITLE!!! YEEEEE HAAAAAWWWWW WAY TO GO GUYS!!! Congradulations on the NAJ title, and won in great style I believe with all three legs a blue ribbon.

*July 16, 2006 Sunday in Cheswick she earned another Novice Standard leg with a first place score, and a Novice JWW leg with a second place clean run, only 2/100 of a second behind the first place winner!

July 11, 2006 "Genni" made her ring début last Sunday at the CABTC trials, earning a leg of her Novice Standard and one Novice Jumpers with Weaves, both first place scores.

* July 2, 2006 At Bushy Run Kennel club, Genni earned her first leg in Rally Novice with a First Place Score! Way to go Shawn and Genni!!

* October 14, 2005 Genni completed her Canine Good Citizen testing with a perfected score! We are so proud of her and Shawn!

* October 28, 2005 Genni Completed her Therapy Dog International Testing and did a bang up job! Way to go guys!

Nothing like a new puppy to put a smile on a child's face! (the adults look pretty excited too!

Twelve Weeks Old

Seven Weeks Old

Little Princess