Back in 2002, I didn't realize that I would want to compair and contrast puppies from different litters at different weeks of age, so I just took pictures when I felt like it, when something cute happened, or whenever I had a spare moment. In the time elasped between now and then, we have had several different computers, and many of the pictures are stored on disks in a box SOMEWHERE.. but not on this computer! If I find them, I will add to this page.

Birth - these pictures were taken about 2 hours after the birth, Mysty looks happy to be done with it all, and quite proud of her first litter. You will notice there are 4 puppies in the one picture, there was a boy in this litter, but he passed away at 3 days old.

1 week old

2 weeks old - at two weeks old the pups eyes are just starting to open.

3 weeks old - oh mom is so glad that we were put in this "jail" to give her a little break for an hour or so! We are enjoying the freedom from her pushing us around too! We are just starting to eat some mushy food this week.

4 weeks old - wow what a change from LAST week! We are little puppies now! Can't find Annie's picture from this set, the picture labled "Dell" is actually "Allie" but we didn't know what her name would be back then so gave her a nickname

7 weeks old-Still looking for the pictures of the other two at this age, but here is Annie